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We provide corporate relocation services for San Antonio,Texas. Specializing in San Antonio townhomes and apartments for lease. We can help your company find new condos, townhomes, apartments or other rentals for your employees.

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What is a Townhome in San Antonio, Tx?

Townhouse / Townhome / Town House / Town Home:
-Noun: one of a row of houses joined up with by common sidewalls.

As an experienced San Antonio real estate agent, I understand that people imagine a townhome to be a freestanding unit, considerably like a duplex or home. This is not always the case. By definition, it’s a “row” of households. Very often many people compare townhomes with “row houses” just like the ones in New York City. The particular image that one thinks of would probably be “the Cosby Show” house. San Antonio’s a little different in the definition of a 'townhome'.

Nearly all of the townhome model floor plans in San Antonio are located inside of an apartment style community. Generally there are a handful that are just townhome communities, nevertheless it's not the norm. More often than not, the communities have some other floor plans including one and two bedroom apartment residences and flats situated on the property. In most cases, these apartments are built under a townhome floor plan. Hence, the entry is actually located on the second floor as compared to the first floor.

Because the traditional townhome floor plan is two stories, there are almost always a a small number of negative aspects. One in particular would be that utilities could possibly be a little bit more. The next detail to consider is that the stairway is included in the finished square footage; which means that flats might sometimes seem a lot more spacious than what they in reality are.

On the up side, a townhome floor plan almost always has no neighbors on top of the unit, the only walls shared are generally on the sides or bottom. Additionally, townhomes with a first floor entry may likely have a larger expanded patio area as a result.
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